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Hi-Tech Tights and Tops For Health and Wellness

Soft, comfortable and slimming, woman are buying FIRMA energywear because it not only looks great and feels comfortable, but especially because of the health benefits. As tested and certified by the Hohenstein Textile Testing Institute, this new fabric technology weaves health-promoting active biocrystals into the fabric at a scale thousands of times smaller than the average human hair, so they don’t wash out.

These crystals act to absorb body heat and reflect it back as natural, healthy energy, known as “far infrared” waves. These waves act on the wearer’s microcirculation and help to increase muscle stimulation, flush out toxins, reduce the build of lactic acid (post workout relief!) and regulate your body temperature.


What is Firma Energywear?

It absorbs

Active biocrystals in the fabric absorb far infrared energy
from the body in the form of body heat.

It radiates

The fabric then emits the far-infrared back to the
body at an optimized wavelength for therapeutic effects.

It penetrates

Far Infrared Energy radiated back to your body penetrates 4-5cm below the skin surface,
affecting the muscles, nerves and blood vessels in between.


Firma Flyer - 2 pages.pdfFirma Energywear • 1.5 MB
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